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Filling crates

Filling your crates efficiently from the sorting line? The fully automatic operation ensures that the crates automatically tilt and return. The tilt ensures minimal damage. That way you don’t have to worry about filling.

Tilt hoist

Filling multiple crates non-stop with the tilt hoist. Each conveyor belt transports to the crate. For example, crates with different sizes can be filled. The detection sensor keeps a close eye on the crates. When the crates are full, the supply belt stops automatically. This makes it easy to change your crates without stopping the other belts.

From one belt

Filling your crates from one belt can be done in two ways. The KKJ lifts the crates to the belt, causing the potatoes to fall gently into the crate. Do you not want to have to worry about anything? Then choose the KKB. The belts go into the box and move from left to right. This creates a minimum fall height and you immediately have an equal distribution.

Unique advantages:

  • Automatic crate filling without looking back
  • Streamlined production
  • Minimum damage due to crate tilt

Filling crates:

  • The shock absorber ensures a soft landing of the potatoes.
  • Through the use of high-tech sensors, filling crates is completely automated.
  • An ideal solution to quickly and evenly unload or fill your crates with minimal effort.

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The fall breaker closely cooperates with the feed belt. The potatoes are supplied to the belt and fall into the crate via the fall breaker. Since the fall breaker is connected to the feed belt, it sends a signal when the crate is full. This way your full crates can be changed easily and quickly. Product friendly
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