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‘The best solutions are developed together’

Schouten opts for customization

You want increased productivity and a high-quality end-product. We have been combining efficiency with careful product handling for eighty years now. Coming up with strong solutions for agricultural business owners is in our DNA.

Schouten is a Dutch family business. We develop and design sorting and processing machines for flower bulbs, (seed) potatoes, cabbage/chicory and sprouts.

We think working together is important. That is why we jointly investigate which line best suits your processes. Based on your experience and ours, we ensure an effective, innovative and carefully tailored solution. You achieve high-capacity production without compromising the quality of your end-product.

And do you require maintenance services? Or has a malfunction occurred? Even then we will not let you down. It’s a promise!

Gerben Schouten, CEO

Our Core Values


Working together is in our blood. Within our organization, but also outside of it. By delving into our process, together with you we come to the solution which enables you to keep adding value in the market.


Our own R&D department pioneers creative and innovative solutions. We listen to your questions, innovate continuously and are at the forefront. This is how you fit solutions within your processes, not just today's, but also tomorrow's.


You have been getting what you need for eighty years. We want to take an extra step. We know what we're doing and we manage the entire process, so that we achieve what we envision. We arrange everything from R&D to installation and setup, so that your solution pays for itself as quickly as possible.


Meeting entrepreneurs, discovering opportunities, coming up with solutions, supervising the process from design to placement and constantly innovating. Engaging in our profession gives us energy. Every day, again and again.

This is where come from

Schouten is originated from a Dutch family business with a long history. In 1937, contractor Frans Schouten devised and produced his very first wooden sorting machine for flower bulbs. He did this at the request of a bulb grower who wanted to optimize their sorting process.

More than eighty years later, Schouten is a specialist in the development, design and maintenance of sorting and processing machines. In particular for flower bulbs, (seed) potatoes, cabbage/chicory and sprouts. We come up with innovative solutions that match your wishes and business process. We do this together. Meticulous and knowledgeable.

Onze innovatietijdslijn

1937 - Establishment of Schouten

Schouten was founded by Frans Schouten in the city of Blokker. The first name was Schouten Landbouwwerktuigen BV.

1962 - New location: city of Kampen

The production of wooden sorting machines became a real specialization. There was a focus on flower bulbs, but also other root and bulb plants. Unfortunately, Blokker had not enough space for Schouten's growth. Therefore, it was decided to move to Kampen.

1992 - Expansion to city of Opmeer

Frans Schouten (2nd generation) joined the organization and opened a second location in Opmeer (North-Holland). This location was used for service, storage and repair.

2008 - Name change

The organisation changed their name from Schouten Landbouwwerktuigen BV to Schouten Sorting Equipment BV.

2015 - The first optical sorting machine

The first Optical Sorting Machine for potatoes has been delivered to Kamp Agro. This optical sorting machine has six outputs and 10 tracks.

2018 - A 12 track optical sorting machine

Due to the succes of a first optical machine in 2015, the machine was developed further. Therefore., the first 12-track Optical sorting machine has been delivered. Kamp Agro has surrendered the 10 track and is now going for even more capacity.

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