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Perform at peak times

Sort and process hundreds of thousands of kilos of products in a short time. You can rest assured at times when optimal productivity of people and machines is paramount. A faltering machine line is the last thing you want at peak times. Because a standstill costs money. That is why we offer support. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Need support?

It’s our priority that you stay in business, work efficiently and deliver high-quality products. Together with our service partner Invaro Service & Supply we help you on all fronts. Do you need a service technician urgently? Call¬†0031 229-502150 or visite the website

Contact our specialists

Teade Geertsma

Teade Geertsma
Manager Sales Support

Teade manages the sales support. He maintains close contact with our other departments to streamline the sales.

Bram Jansen - Sales Schouten aardappelen

Bram Jansen
Export Manager / Account Manager

Grew up in a real potato family. Not surprising that Bram is our Export Manager, but also Account Manager for all our potato solutions. Bram is happy to help you!



When your machine is faulty, the daily yield decreases by the minute. Employees can't do anything, the quality of your product may decrease and you run the risk of having to work and pay overtime. We get your process moving again as quickly as possible.


Did you order a machine from Schouten or Bercomex? Then we take care of the installation. Because we know Schouten and Bercomex machines down to the smallest detail, we know exactly what has to be done to achieve the desired efficiency.


With a well-maintained machine you can start the new season fresh and full of confidence. Your machine can take full advantage again, so you work efficiently and reduce the risk of malfunctions.


Are you looking for the right part for your machine? We provide everything you need. Not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide. From Chile to Australia and from Italy to India.


Every agricultural business wants to get the maximum return from a machine. How do you achieve that? Do you want to take steps in terms of productivity, quality and continuity? We would be happy to assist.

This is where come from

Schouten is a Dutch family business with a long history. In 1937, contractor Frans Schouten devised and produced his very first wooden sorting machine for flower bulbs. He did this at the request of a bulb grower who wanted to optimize their sorting process.

More than eighty years later, Schouten is a specialist in the development, design and maintenance of sorting and processing machines. In particular for flower bulbs, (seed) potatoes, cabbage/chicory and sprouts. We come up with innovative solutions that match your wishes and business process. We do this together. Meticulous and knowledgeable.

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