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Polisher (potatoes)

Optimally clean potatoes for a thorough inspection. The Schouten Plisher rids your potatoes of sticky sand residue. This prevents unnecessary sand in your installation and you’ll enjoy a cleaner end-product.

Choose Carefully

Clean potatoes stand for quality. The 14 cylindrical nylon brushes sweep the potatoes clean, carefully yet accurately. The potatoes are pressed against the brushes by the rubber mat that lies above the brushes. The potatoes are therefore carefully cleaned with less dust. This way you can scan your potatoes effortlessly and quickly.


A Franceline or an Irene? As the speed of the machine is adjustable, your potatoes remain undamaged. You can expand the cleaner with various options, such as an adjustable broom bed. Using the options you can perfectly adjust the Polisher according to your requirements.

Unique advantages:

  • Clean thoroughly
  • Less chance of damage due to cleaner product
  • Adjustable according to your requirements


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