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Crate tipper (potatoes)

Supply your potatoes from a height? For example into a bunker? Opt for a forklift truck or a fully automated solution. It is up to you. This way your installation is stocked quickly, for smooth processing.


Do you prefer convenience? Then choose the automatic tipper. With the automatic tipper, the crate will automatically raise and tilt to the correct position. After emptying, the tipper returns the empty crate, so it’s easy to change over.

Or rather manually?

Would you prefer to tilt using a forklift? Then choose the manual tipper. The fall-back brake ensures minimal damage to your product. Great advantage: The manual tipper tilts the crates up to 170 degrees. This allows your crates to be emptied right down to the very last potato. In addition, all types of crates can be tilted. The adjustable rod ensures that every size of crate remains properly in place when tilting.

Unique advantages:

  • Supply your installation quickly
  • 170 degrees tilting
  • Suitable for various crates

Crate tipper:

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