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Fall breakers (vegetab;es)

Maximum protection when your product fall. Automatic or Manual. The fall breaker consists of a frame with chute that prevents your product from being damaged when dropped. This means that the product do not fall directly into the crate and quality is preserved.


The fall breaker closely cooperates with the feed belt. The product are supplied to the belt and fall into the crate via the fall breaker. Since the fall breaker is connected to the feed belt, it sends a signal when the crate is full. This way your full crates can be changed easily and quickly.

Product friendly

Do you want maximum quality? Then the automatic fall breaker is perfect for you. The frame of the fall breaker is equipped with an electric motor. This allows the fall breaker to adjust to the crate. The fuller the crate, the higher the fall breaker. The fall can then be perfectly inhibited to prevent damage. In addition, the feed belt automatically stops when the crate is full.


The way your product end up in your storage depends on how they are supplied. That is why we offer a wide range of fall breakers. As such, the chance of damage is minimal. Are you wondering which fall breaker fits your setup? Then contact one of our representatives.

Unique benefits:

  • Prevents damage in the event of a fall
  • Precise collaboration
  • Exchange your full crates quickly and easily

Fall breaker

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