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Filling the big bag (vegetables)

Load your trucks quickly and easily? The big bag fillers transfer large quantities of product quickly and carefully into big bags. This way you have a fast and even filling process. Ready for transport.


With the farmer big bag filler it is easy to feed large quantities of product dosed into big bags. The slider and spout at the bottom ensure quick and even filling. Product friendliness has also been taken into consideration: the ‘soft landing’ on the inside ensures less impact on the fall.

Constant supply

Constantly fill your big bags via a feed belt? The big bag filler is the right choice. The product go smoothly into the big bag from the feed belt and via the fall breaker. As soon as the desired weight has been achieved, the feed belt shuts off automatically. This ensures a smooth filling process for your product. You can achieve a faster filling process with the double version. As soon as one of the crates or big bags is full, the product go directly to the other storage point.

Unique benefits:

  • Soft landing for product friendliness
  • Stable and straight filling
  • Easy to use

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