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Bunkers (vegetables)

Volume storage. This goes without saying. The bunkers store large quantities of product for filling crates or supplying them. But in addition to storage, a bunker ensures that the product are damaged as little as possible by using a ‘soft landing’ process in the bunker. Nice and efficient. That’s how we like it!


Maximum filling capacity with minimum drop height. For undamaged product during feed, the inside is provided with a ‘soft landing’ system. This is a foam layer with protective topping. When using fall breakers, the product also softly land in the bunkers. As such, the chance of damage is minimal.

Perfect collaboration

Filling crates non-stop using the lower belt. The bunker opens at the bottom where the stored product end up on the lower belt. This belt subsequently transports the product from under the bunker to the crate or your scanning belt.

Types and sizes

Our bunkers come in various types and sizes. As such, there is always one to fit in your barn. For example, we have a box change bunker, stock bunker and intermediate bunker. Do you want to know which best fits your situation? If so, please get in touch!

Unique benefits:

  • Maximum filling capacity
  • Minimal damaged product
  • Working efficiently


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