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Bulb processing (bulbs)

Rid all your harvested flower bulbs of roots, small bulbs. A piece of cake for the bulb processing solutions. Due to the wide range of possible settings, the machine can be used for various types of flower bulbs. This enables optimum peeling results.


Do you want to uproot your bulbs? In the Peeling Machine the bulbs travel across the length of the rollers. Because the rollers alternately turn in and out against each other, the rollers pull the roots off the bulbs. The lily shaver ensures effective root cutting especially for lily bulbs.


The detangler unit automatically and carefully removes the small bulbs from the large flower bulbs. The belt transports the bulbs ahead. At the same time, a belt spins in opposite direction across the bulbs. This way your large bulbs are quickly and effectively separated from the little ones.

Adjustment on bulbs

Different types of bulbs require different adjustments. When uprooting or detangling you can adapt the machine to your type of bulb.

Unique benefits

  • Opposite running belts ensure optimum detangling
  • Optimal peeling result by settings
  • Suitable for several types of flower bulb
  • Adapts to the connecting machines

Bulb processing:

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