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Spraying systems (vegetables)

Complete protection for your product. The treatment solutions protect product against (storage) contamination, disease or apply grow stop. This way you preserve the quality of your crop.


High-quality product mean more sales. The treatment stations consist of a cabin with a roller conveyor inside. The roller conveyor belt ensures that product rotate during watering. Sand, clods and residual liquid fall between the rollers in the collection bin. Higher coverage or more capacity? With the adjustable speed of the rollers, this is easily adjustable.


Due to the adjustable height of the supply and discharge belts, the treatment set can easily be placed in your line. Would you prefer a portable treatment solution? Then the Potatocare is suitable. The wheels make this treatment station highly mobile.

Unique benefits

  • Equal distribution of protective equipment
  • Clean workplace
  • Efficiency in your production line

Spraying systems:

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