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“A fruitful investment.”

We are welcomed by Maurice Hadders, potato grower in the countryside on the border between Flevoland and Friesland. The processing of potatoes is ongoing at full capacity, but luckily Maurice does have time to sit down and talk to us. We sit around a large round kitchen table, with coffee served in Boerenbond. We talk about the move to Schouten Optica CS. A deliberate and exciting choice, which the family and all employees benefit from.

“We are a true family business, and we help each other"

Our strength? Collaboration
Maurice and his wife Krista cultivate about 80 hectares of seed potatoes, and they are the third generation of growers at this company. Maurice: “We are a true family business, and we help each other. Krista does our accounting and just about every job that doesn’t have a name. And even my mother still frequently helps out in the barn. I suppose it’s in our DNA”, says Maurice. “My grandparents moved from Drenthe, and they were the first residents in this polder that had just been drained. The village of Rutten was established, and the new residents came from all over the country. Everyone brought their own beliefs and cultures. Still, it became a close community, with everyone helping each other. Now, 71 years later, we are still doing that, by renting land to and exchanging land with the cattle farmers and bulb growers.”

A well-considered choice
Maurice is full of passion when he tells us about the move to the Schouten Optica CS. An exciting procedure. Maurice: “It took us 5 years before we were ready for this step. We had a Schouten bunker installation of 30 years old, and it was still working fine. Still, we started feeling the need for change. I started to dislike the long days at work. Every Christmas I was just lying on the couch, exhausted. I also missed spending time with my family. In short, I was looking for a better work-life balance. Not to mention the likely negative impact of all that dust on my health”. It was time for a change. Maurice visited a few fellow seed potato growers from the area who were using a Schouten Optica CS and saw that there was room for change. More output, less dust and more freedom. “Once I had done my calculations, I had no choice but to take this step. The machine simply came to me”, says Maurice. He decided to go to the bank, with a strong financial plan.

Finishing the installation, not without hassle
The Schouten Optica CS arrived in the middle of the potato season. “It was a hectic period, but we transformed the old Schouten bunker installation into the Schouten Optica CS in record time. It was right before Christmas. We were working hard and having a great time. Krista and I will never forget it”, says Maurice. After the installation, there was some organisational hassle. “I am critical by nature, and I like to have my affairs in order. So, the completion of the installation took a little too long for my taste. Fortunately, there were some Schouten employees who worked extra hard for me, so there were no delays in my sorting process.”

“Once I had done my calculations, I had no choice but to take this step"

Better turnover and more balance
Maurice: “It’s two years later, and I am very satisfied with the results. We can process up to 40% more potatoes than we did with our old installation, and more potatoes in seed size can be sold thanks to the precise vision (camera) technique of the Optica CS. Furthermore, I have been able to save on employee costs, because the machine can detect and cut clods, rocks and form deviations. It has also brought me and my employees increased job satisfaction. And you can’t put a price on that, if you ask me. We can now drink coffee together while the machine works. And I pick up my kids from school, because I can. And while face masks are becoming more and more common, I don’t need it at work anymore. Because dust is no longer an issue. It’s a shame that my father is no longer with us, I would have been proud to show him our new machine”.

A choice with a lot of impact? Take your time
Maurice: “I have made the right choice, among other things because I took plenty of time to prepare. I wasn’t ready to take this step yet 5 years ago. First, I got the chance to buy more land. As a result, my acreage of seed potatoes also increased, and I knew: now is the time. So, I would advise everyone reading this not to be hasty. Make a well-considered choice. And when the time is right, grab your chance and make sure you can act right away”.

We end our visit with a tour and photoshoot in the processing area. And, excited as he is, Maurice puts a beautiful bag of potatoes in the trunk of our car when we leave. “Don’t peel them, just scrub them, cut them into slices and put them in the oven for 40 minutes with a bit of olive oil.” A potato grower through and through!

Optica CS in action

  • Control panel

    Simple operation via user-friendly touchscreen.
  • Neatly separated

    Clods and stones are also sorted from your batch.
  • Jongejans Suction System

    For a cleaner and healthier work environment.

Advantages of the Optica CS

Accurate sorting

The Optica sorts a lot more accurate than a traditional sorter. We sort more potatoes in the more expensive size than with a convectional shock- and shake sorting technique. It increases the yield.

Less costs

The cameras detect clods and a big part of the deformed potatoes, which makes scanning go faster. Because of this we save a lot of costs in the scanning room.

Easy to operate

Picking sorting sizes and directed them to the right exits is very simple. We also have all kinds of templates, to repeat batches.

More insight

The Optica collects automatically all kinds of data, which gives us more insight in the expected yield. We can easily look at the data from our smartphone, tablet or pc.

Product friendly

The shorter track with minimal fall and separations by size with airpressure prevent damages to our potatoes.

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