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Pre-sorting (vegetables)

Super-fast inspection by pre-sorting. The pre-sorting machine separates the oversize and optional undersize from the main size for faster sorting. From now on, you only have to inspect the main dimensions.

At lightning speed

The potatoes fall into the pre-sorting machine from the cistern via the conveyor belt. The potatoes are not damaged due to the rubber casings at the sieves. The unique shock sorting technique, ensures that the first sorting can take place. For example, bigger size potatoes can already be separated, which are paid well. You then only have to inspect the main dimensions.

Shock and depth adjustment

With the pre-sorting machine you can choose from several versions. The models with an easily adjustable shock depth and direction, can be optimally matched to your different potatoes. A version with only the adjustable shock depth has the great advantage that the screen deck can be made up to 240 cm wide. More potatoes over the sieve, means higher capacity.

Unique benefits

  • Fast inspection
  • Product-friendly machine
  • Easily adjustable

Pre-sorting machine

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