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Scanning room (potatoes)

No more inspections in your cold barn? With the scanning room you can stay warm and comfortable while inspecting your potatoes. A solution that ensures that inspection work can be carried out dust-free and comfortably.


Insulated polyester panels and double-glazed windows ensure sound insulation and less cold from outside. Dust remains outside due to the pressure system, which you can also design including heating. With the control box above the scanning roller belt the entire line (or parts of it) can be controlled from both sides. This allows you to comfortably inspect your potatoes all year round.


Slipping is the most common cause of industrial accidents. That is why we place great importance on safety. Is your scanning room placed at a height? Then your scanning room will be equipped with all types of safety measures. Our stairs, for example, are equipped with steps made of galvanized gratings. And the floors are provided with anti-slip. Safety first!

Unique advantages:

  • Ultimate comfort through insulated panels and double glazing
  • Reduction of dust by means of an overpressure system
  • Adapted to your wishes and circumstances
  • Optimal safety

Scanning room:

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