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Scanning belt combination (bulbs)

More profit and quality. That’s your aim! With the Elevator Shake Screen Scanning Belt you can easily supply, inspect and even sort. This way you can process large quantities of bulbs into an undamaged and contamination-free end-product.


Easy and clear inspection? The Elevator scanning belt ensures a constant and equal supply of your bulbs. After this, the bulbs tumble onto the scanning belt. As the bulbs are scattered, they are easy to inspect. Careful inspection for contamination and damage is a doddle.

With sorting

Do you also want to immediately remove dirt and sort substandard bulbs? Then the Elevator-Shake Screen-Scanning Belt combination is a perfect choice. There is a shaking sieve between the elevator and scanning belt. The shaking sieve removes the undersized bulbs and dirt. Due to the forward shaking motion, the bulbs shift towards the scanning belt.

Smooth connection

Want to achieve higher capacity? The speed of the elevator and scanning belt can be adjusted to each other. This way you can adjust the measurements perfectly. You can also process anywhere. The wheels ensure that the scanning belt combinations can easily be moved.

Unique benefits:

  • Undamaged and disease-free end-product
  • Delivery, inspection and possible sorting in one
  • Mobile
  • Variable speed for perfect connection

Elevator-scanning belt:

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